• qibb ultimate

    Pioneering Cloud Application Management & Orchestration

    qibb is a central platform to integrate, orchestrate and manage your media apps & workflows in the cloud, across on-premises, hybrid, cloud and multicloud infrastructures.

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  • q.air - video channel playout in the cloud

    Go on-air fast & easy

    q.air is a full-featured cloud-based channel playout and automation to launch and manage numerous pop-up channels in record time. q.air is also designed for easy multiformat and multiplatform content delivery.

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  • q.archive - media management in the cloud

    All in one place

    q.archive is a ready-to-use, cloud-based video content archiving solution for professional media workflows. It frees content owners and production facilities from unmanageable physical media as well as cost and space consuming hardware.

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  • q.safe – cloud disaster recovery

    Secure your playout with DR in the cloud

    q.safe is a cloud-based disaster recovery SaaS for linear playout. It is fast, cost-saving, feature-rich, DVB and ATSC compliant. Say goodbye to additional hardware and rack space on your on-premises entities.

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qibb ultimate – Simplifying media architectures

qibb ultimate

qibb ultimate

Cloud Application Management & Orchestration Platform

qibb ultimate is the enterprise solution to efficiently integrate, orchestrate, manage, and monitor all your media apps & workflows across multiple clouds and local data centers. qibb ultimate smoothly adapts to your individual system and cloud requirements.

Merging cloud apps on one platform

Our cloud partner ecosystem qibb connect is growing day by day. As a result, qibb has become the multicloud platform with the largest store for business cloud applications worldwide. Our more than 120 partnerships with leading software companies offer a comprehensive range of applications and services that can be integrated with your qibb-managed supply chain.


Benefit from qibb – The Smart Multicloud Manager

qibb is a powerful cloud management platform that comes with a Smart Multicloud Manager that will make your working life easier. Gain a headstart on the future with qibb to render your cloud-based workflows smarter than ever before.

Get full cost control

  • Efficiently manage & optimize your IT costs
  • Forecast your budget & get the most from it
  • Only pay for the services and resources you need

On demand. Agile. Flexible.

  • Gain unlimited cloud scalability
  • Obtain infinite access to cloud services
  • Scale your resources to your needs on demand

Improve user experience

  • Easily collaborate from anywhere in the world
  • Work with an easy-to-use and intuitive UX design
  • Manage your cloud applications in one place

Reliability. Always.

  • 100% cloud-native software architecture
  • Stay guarded with 24/7 expert monitoring and maintenance
  • Confide in a platform with maximum security standards

qibb go! – Ready-to-use SaaS packages

The qibb go! app packages consist of multiple interconnected cloud applications. The packages are ready-to-use, pre-configured, and fully maintained SaaS offerings. qibb go! paves the way for new standards of collaboration and enhances your everyday cloud-based work.


Cloud playout automation

  • Channel playout & Internet live-streaming to e.g. social media, OTT, IPTV or broadcast environments
  • Full featured end-to-end signal workflow – from ingest to distribution
  • Speed up putting new channels on air
  • Scale to your needs and pay-as-you-go
  • Including tools for scheduling, on-air graphics, transcoding, playout and streaming


Cloud disaster recovery

  • Fast takeover in case of an event
  • Monitoring and controlling
  • Versatile input and output options
  • With features and options like DVB- and ATSC-compliance, multichannel audio, loudness control, teletext, subtitling, animated live graphics, EPG infos, streaming formats, compliance recording.


Cloud media archive

  • Enrich & archive media assets in the cloud
  • Secure and durable storage
  • Migration-as-a-Service
  • Built-in data lifecycle management
  • Searchable content – anywhere & anytime
  • Automated import workflows
  • Custom annotation & keyword-tagging

qibb Dashboard

Get set for qibb

With qibb, you can reduce your workload by automating IT processes and improve multicloud governance. qibb optimizes the consumption of cloud resources to cut down cloud risks and costs. Leverage the power of multicloud technology by deploying qibb in your existing IT infrastructure.

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