Walkthrough: advanced storing, managing and enriching content in the cloud with q.archive

q.archive is part of our product line qibb go and the result of a compilation of our clients’ requests and use cases. We found that in many cases, the best solution was a combination of great apps on the market, like AWS and Vidispine. This is why we took all the best and most advanced apps we could find and assembled them into a preintegrated, preconfigured, ready-to-use SaaS offering that is hosted, maintained and constantly improved and upgraded by our team of cloud engineers and media architects. With q.archive, you can

  • Enhance collaboration and easily work from anywhere: the most basic configuration already includes 20 individual user licenses which can be infinitely extended
  • Save online-storage costs
  • Keep your content controllable and safe
  • Share video footage and assign different stages of user rights (for example read-only) to externals, partners, or clients
  • Easily manage and edit the meta data of your content
  • Find specific points in your video and audio assets with a full-text, time-coded transcript
  • Optionally store your data on European cloud servers that comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Adopt a future-proof solution that will truly be able to grow with your organization

and more.

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