What is q.air used for?

q.air is a full-featured cloud-based channel playout and automation service to launch and manage numerous linear 24/7 and pop-up channels in record time. q.air combines all relevant assets like live sources and pre-recorded videos, graphics, etc. It provides a scheduled, continuous playback that may be streamed to head-ends for cable, satellite, IPTV, CDNs, or to websites and social media platforms. The content can reach viewers on TV, set-top box, or OTT devices like Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, mobile device, PC, Mac. It can be used for event channels of special interest groups, corporate TV channels, educational institutions, 24/7 channels for regional TV stations and virtual multichannel Video Programming Distributors (mVPD), multi-social-networks streamers like e-gaming, or as extension of a prime live channel to OTT devices.