What are the distinguishing features of q.air Standard and q.air Premium?

q.air Standard provides access to the professional playout and automation capabilities of q.air with all-in-one playout solution in the cloud for one or more linear channels ranging from SD to UHD. q.air Standard already provides the whole workflow comprising file ingest, media asset management, live sources, resolution-independent realtime graphics, comprehensive scheduling, playout, streaming to different stream targets (websites, social media, head-ends) and provides options like stream and compliance recording. The capabilities of q.air Standard can be extended to 6 live sources and 6 stream targets per channel.

q.air Premium adds broadcast-grade features like asset and stream transcoding, format conversion, asset QC, mixed format support in one channel, subtitle embedding, SCTE-35 ad markers, loudness control, Dolby Audio codecs. These features can be enhanced by exclusive options for q.air Premium like 1+1 channel redundancy, stream recording in MXF and growing file support, fully managed OAuth-based target control for social media and associated scheduling of stream jobs, as well as unlimited booking of live sources and stream targets per channel.