Does qibb provide a function to auto update applications to the latest version?

Yes, there is a feature to update the different versions of the services and the workflows. However, we refrain from updating automatically but rather update on individual requirements and in line with our customers’ demands and needs. Using native cloud technology, the version controls automatic deployments.

Is FIMS a standard for the integration of 3rd-party applications an issue, or is it not necessary anymore?

We can use FIMS for the integration with 3rd party services. So far, we have not selected it as a service to be offered to 3rd parties who call qibb.

Is there a status and progress view of my configured workflows?

Yes, there is a status view of the workflows. The current feature set is a table view that displays all the details, but we are working on a graphical workflow view of the status.

Does qibb also run on Alibaba Cloud for customers in Asia?

Not at the moment. We are currently focusing on public clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. We are planning to add Alibaba in the near future but the release date is pending. qibb is available for customers in Asia running on the clouds mentioned above. If you want to know more about the […]

Can I manage qibb on my own or do you manage it for me?

qibb is a software solution that Techtriq will install on site, in the public cloud or in several clouds. After a short training, you will be able to run the enterprise version of qibb, called qibb ultimate either on your own and we will provide software support or the Techtriq team runs it for you […]

What is qibb?

qibb is a powerful media management platform that comes with a Smart Multicloud Manager. It enables you to reduce your cloud-based workload by automating IT processes and increasing multicloud governance. qibb optimizes the consumption of cloud resources to cut down cloud risks and costs. Deploy qibb in your existing IT infrastructure and leverage the power […]

Who can use qibb?

qibb is for any company that wants to improve its existing cloud-based processes or to implement, orchestrate and govern a multicloud strategy that exactly matches the company’s needs and resources.