What are shared resources related to q.air?

Shared resources are features in q.air that can be applied to or utilized by different channels if more than one channel is booked for the respective q.air account. Shared resources can be asset storage, egress data volume, or live sources. While stream targets, stream recording, compliance recording are shared resources, too, they can only be […]

Does q.air offer loudness correction for playout channels?

Yes, q.air Premium supports loudness correction to reach compliance with EBU Rec. 128 and CALM act for your channel.

Which social media platforms are supported?

q.air supports YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitch, and any other platform using RTMP streams, as well as any platform using RTMPS streams. q.air Premium additionally provides fully managed OAuth-based target control for social media and associated scheduling of stream jobs in a playlist.

Is there a disaster recovery solution available?

Yes, q.safe is our disaster recovery product that can be purchased separately and run in a hot or warm standby mode depending on the needs for fastest take-over or lowest OPEX.

Does q.air provide redundant channels?

Yes, q.air provides full 1+1 redundancy with a backup playout channel for the main channel that can run 24/7.

Does q.air offer a cloud-based compliance recording function?

For legal obligations, q.air optionally provides a compliance recording function per channel with burn-in timecode and a flexible retention period.

Is it possible to have more than one live input?

Yes, q.air Standard channels can manage 2 to 6 live sources each, and q.air Premium channels manage from 6 to an unlimited amount of live sources depending on your subscription.

Is it possible to do clipping by recording live content and use it later on?

q.air allows to record streams with the optional stream recording feature that provides cue, rec, split, stop controls to generate clips out of any input or output stream. The content is stored either as MP4 files or in q.air Premium as MXF-based broadcast standard files for later use. Recorded content shows up in the media […]

How does q.air support live inputs?

q.air performs the playout not only of prerecorded content but also live video sources. Any available live source can be scheduled in the traffic UI. The operator can control whether the content of one or many live sources will be shown, skipped, or shall end using the controls of the automation UI. Additionally, the operator […]