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qibb is the integration platform to simplify your media workflows and integrations. With qibb you can efficiently integrate, manage, and monitor all your software applications across advanced media solutions in cloud and hybrid architectures.

Media solutions for multiple Use Cases

developed with qibb

qibb ultimate structure

qibb pre-configured Use Cases

Based on qibb, you can customize a media solution to your needs. With our solution architects, we have developed Use Cases to showcase qibb’s capabilities. Take these Use Cases as basis to customize your own solution or simply as inspiration for what is possible with qibb


An Adobe Premiere Pro based solution to enable professional-grade cloud editing on demand. 



Leveraging Vidispine’s MAM backend to create a modular asset management solution – integratable into your system.



Cloud-based playout channels with HMS’ Makalu providing 24/7 and pop-up playout, integrated with graphics and streaming.

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