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Do you want to streamline your IT infrastructure? Explore the many benefits of fully integrated and scalable multicloud architectures? Take your control, agility, and productivity to a new level with qibb ultimate and discover an advanced multicloud strategy today. On your terms.

Simplifying Cloud Architecture

qibb ultimate

qibb ultimate runs on public and private clouds, on-premise data centers and hybrid infrastructures:

qibb ultimate structure

qibb ultimate

Simplifying Cloud Architecture

Do you want to streamline your IT infrastructure? Explore the many benefits of fully integrated and scalable multicloud architectures? Take your control, agility, and productivity to a new level with qibb ultimate and discover an advanced multicloud strategy today. On your terms.


What is Multicloud Management?

A hybrid or multicloud approach offers companies optimal conditions to meet the increasing requirements for dynamic, modern and flexible IT. A future-oriented multicloud strategy combines on-premise operations with services and applications running on multiple cloud providers, enabling companies to take advantage of each platform’s benefits while mitigating their downsides. Many companies already use or increasingly adopt hybrid or multicloud models. However, if companies want to keep an overview of their distributed cloud environments, they are often challenged by setting up a management solution themselves or choosing a reliable and easy-to-use multicloud management tool.

Barriers to

Multicloud management tools help to keep track of different cloud and platform providers. However, the correct implementation as well as the constant updating and data maintenance of the software, solutions and services remain a challenge for IT departments. In addition to their day-to-day business requirements, IT now also has to juggle different cloud services from various providers. This includes a wide range of price models, security and compliance policies, SLAs (Service Level Agreements), support, and many more.

Enterprise Multicloud Management Platform


The Smart Multicloud Management Platform qibb helps companies to implement a multi-cloud strategy on their terms and according to their needs. qibb relieves the burden of managing complex cloud environments, so that our customers can focus on their core business. Together with our extensive partner network of cloud services and solutions providers, we offer profound cloud expertise to advise, support and implement platform-independent cloud strategies.

qibb ultimate

qibb ultimate is the enterprise solution to simplify your cloud architecture. With qibb ultimate you can efficiently orchestrate, manage, and monitor all your software applications across multiple clouds and local data centers. This multicloud management platform smoothly adapts to your individual system and cloud requirements.

qibb ultimate structure

Features & Services


A single pane of glass and a lightweight middle layer of well-defined APIs that connect best of breed open source solutions

  • Manage everything in one place within a unified management interface.
  • Leverage a fully cloud-native platform running on top of Kubernetes, the industry standard for container orchestration.
  • Construct your cloud environment based on multiple clusters, from on-premise to hybrid or multicloud.
  • Kick-start with a professional set of CI/CD pipelines and monitoring dashboards for your DevOps teams.


Deploy and scale your applications and infrastructure in an automated way

  • Build your own catalog of applications to offer self-service deployments for your users.
  • Deploy applications as you like - by zone, region or cloud provider.
  • Manage the life cycle of applications with a few clicks, from deployment and upgrade to rollback or deletion.
  • Rely on automated self-healing of applications and entire clusters.
  • Spin up, shut down or scale clusters with ease, for example based on your working time and out-of-office hours.


Assemble cloud-native workflows with minimized engineering effort

  • Design logical building blocks within a graphical tool.
  • Build a repository of custom logic and reapply it in other workflows via copy and paste.
  • Write and embed glue code during runtime without the hassle of deploying it.
  • Expose your workflow as an API service, simple and secure.
  • Offer a professional web user interface for your workflow based on a complete frontend library with a built-in component explorer.
  • Push or pull your workflows directly from git repositories.



Achieve observability at scale and monitor everything in nearly real-time

  • Analyze your logs and metrics in one central place, collected from any application in your entire infrastructure.
  • Access the data with the tools you know best, like Grafana or Kibana.
  • Keep the data as long or as short as you want with easy-to-setup data retention.
  • Rely on automated backup and compaction of collected data.
  • Define alert rules and get notified when something went wrong.
  • Track all your installed certificates for expiration.

Identity & Access

Centrally manage identities and access for integrated systems and services

  • Deliver a single-sign-on experience (SSO) with OIDC or SAML protocols.
  • Enforce platform security with a variety of password policies.
  • Enable two-factor authentication with one-time-passwords, which works together with companion apps installed on the user’s mobile phone.
  • Utilize user-managed access capabilities to support team-based work.
  • Provide self-service account administration to your users, such as password resets, profile updates or registration.
  • Benefit from fine-grained management of users, roles and hierarchical groups.


Build and operate your platform in a secure way

  • Any ingress traffic routed through the gateway is encrypted.
  • Rely on automated issuing and renewal of certificates from certificate authorities like letsencrypt.
  • Check your container images for vulnerabilities with regular security scans.
  • Store sensitive data in a vault with tight access control, audit logging and encryption at rest.
  • Safely provide secrets to applications during their startup without the need of user interaction or any changes in application code.
  • Opt-in proxy for authentication and authorization of applications, which don’t have any built-in authentication logic.

Cost Control

Keep your costs in check with advanced cost visibility

  • Visualize your costs originated from your applications.
  • Explore your history of costs with a variety of filters.

Service Level Agreements for qibb ultimate

The qibb ultimate service contracts offer graduated service levels. Choose flexibly from different levels of support and response times for your technical questions – tailored to your individual support requirements. The enhanced SLA contracts now also offer the possibility of direct access to future platform upgrades.

For enterprise clients using qibb ultimate we offer a program with three different service levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum).

Service Levelqibb ultimate – Silverqibb ultimate – Goldqibb ultimate – Platinum
Service Hours
Mo – Fr 9am-6pm CETMo – Fr 9am-6pm CET24 / 7
Response Times24h2h30 min
Emergency Hotline
Service Desk & Event ManagementSupport Platform, EmailSupport Platform, Email, PhoneSupport Platform, Email, Phone
Monitoring & Event Management
Platform Updates
Platform Upgrades

What clients say about qibb

HLN Live is a prime example for innovation. We had maximum freedom regarding the technical framework while planning our new digital channel. After a few tests, qibb and q.air quickly turned out to be our first choice. Next to the set of interconnected cloud applications, q.air provides us with exactly what we expect from a cloud solution: high scalability, the basis for creative collaboration, a quick and intuitive user workflow, marginal technical administration efforts, as well as high cost-efficiency and transparency.

The new media asset management system offers many benefits which speed up our complex post production workflows and help us optimise them further. We are looking forward to the scheduled release of additional features.

Together with the team at qibb, we have developed a system that is currently unique in the market. Combining the technical expertise of qibb with our workflow expertise, the solution offers users multiple benefits in terms of automating and accelerating production. I am looking forward to the further development of the partnership.

Merging cloud apps
on one platform

We like to keep things simple for your: Imagine a platform, where you can choose from the best cloud solutions and applications regardless of the manufacturer. You will be amazed how many apps are already available in the qibb app store. The qibb partner ecosystem is growing day by day. As a result, qibb has become the multicloud platform with the largest store for business cloud applications worldwide. Our more than 120 partnerships with leading software companies offer a comprehensive range of applications and services that can be integrated with your qibb-managed supply chain.


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