New Service Level Agreements

The right technical support level for any requirements for qibb go! and qibb ultimate

The revised service contracts now offer graduated service levels from which clients can choose flexibly and tailored to their technical support requirements.

In addition to different levels of support and response times for technical questions, the new contracts now also offer the possibility of direct access to future platform upgrades.

The SLAs for qibb go! are offered in the following variations:

qibb go! Standard
qibb go! Standard is included in every go package and provides basic support for ongoing maintenance of the cloud instance

qibb go! Premium
qibb go! Premium offers faster response times and access to additional product features and functions. The premium version is particularly suitable for cloud packages that are used over a longer period (6+ months).

qibb go! Event
The services of qibb go! Event are comparable to the SLA qibb go! Premium. However, the Event SLA is optimized for customers who use our SaaS solutions for temporary requirements and with shorter terms (3-6 months).

For enterperise clients using qibb ultimate we offer now a program with three different service levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum).