Challenges and innovations for cloud-based video production

There are many reasons to upgrade your video production to cloud-based workflows. To begin with, the need to manage global video teams has grown, and so has the opportunity to leverage innovations to drive efficient workflows and processes for cloud-based solutions. The benefits of bringing your workflow to the cloud include improved scalability or being able to go on air fast and easy – and the list continues. At the same time, quality and on-time delivery remain paramount.

OnPrem has scheduled a free webinar addressing this topic to bring you closer to your next steps towards cloud-based video workflows. Our cloud management experts will join OnPrem’s digital media technology and strategy leaders in this one-hour session, engaging in a candid discussion over topics including:

  • Why cloud-based production is the next evolution in content creation
  • Challenges and inefficiencies of production and distribution workflows due to legacy media technology
  • Advances in processing, networking, storage and security enabling more remote video workflow
  • Systems and tools that improve the delivery of new content faster and more efficiently
  • Cloud-based, real-time collaboration trends and the changing landscape that is redefining workflows
  • How to handle a large volume of content production seats and resources in the cloud in terms of costs & project management

Register now and tackle the challenges and explore the innovations in cloud-based video production.