Accelerating news workflow at Asharq News

Advanced news workflow based on qibb ultimate

For accelerating its digital news production, 24/7 finance channel Asharq News uses qibb as the key integration tool for handling the complete file based contribution of external providers such as news agencies like Reuters. Asharq’s hybrid architecture of virtualized on-premises systems and cloud applications for content aggregation, production and distribution is so far unique in the MENA region. The consistent use of innovative technologies opens up comprehensive possibilities for location-independent collaboration at Asharq News.

As a central component in the news workflow, qibb is used to orchestrate and monitor the cloud applications relevant for news production: the newsroom system Avid iNEWS, the production platform Avid MediaCentral | Cloud UX, the social media aggregation and research of and Burli NewsHub, as well as the social media publishing from Wildmoka. This allows incoming news feeds to be curated and routed to the responsible journalists easily and the smart networking of best-of-breed components creates a unique and revolutionary live news workflow.

qibb enables Asharq to adopt rapidly to new production requirements that are needed to participate in the contribution or distribution of content.

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Studio at Asharq News in Dubai

Asharq News is a news channel based in the heart of Dubai’s financial district. It delivers 24/7 financial news across online, social, TV and radio services to the Arabic-speaking population around the world. The project is the first in the MENA region to use IP technology throughout its entire media infrastructure. The use of virtualized on-premise systems and cloud applications as a hybrid architecture for content aggregation, production and distribution with qibb as a centerpiece also plays a key role.

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